Massage Basics

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

HI! I'm super excited for you to be here on my very own website and I really hope to build a great resource for my clients as well as anyone looking for massage information. This first post is going to cover some massage basics and explain how I do things here at Heartstone Massage and why. There are a lot of little things going on during a massage and it is totally ok to have questions and ask to change things.

First off, the massage is for you and it should be adjusted to best fit your needs! I know this may seem obvious to people who have received several massages from different therapists but, it isn't to new clients who have never had a professional massage before and is a useful reminder to us all. From room lighting and music to table temperature, pressure used, techniques used, areas of the body that are or are not worked on every massage therapist is going to do things a little differently. Most of these things can be changed to suit your needs and you are more than welcome to ask to change them. Once I know a client prefers to have the table a bit warmer (or no heat at all) I will try my best to remember that and have it set for them before they arrive so they can be their most comfortable during their massage. Most clients who have never had a professional massage don't know what is or is not comfortable for them during a massage because they've never been through the process, that's ok! Most of these things can also be quickly and easily changed during the massage depending on how the therapists room is set up.

This applies to more than just the room set up! One of the biggest new client concerns is if they have to take their clothes off or how much they need to take off. It is completely up to you! I try to explain to every client that I can find a way to work on you at whatever stage of undress you feel most comfortable. In my office I use a top sheet (a flat sheet) and a blanket on top of my clients, I only uncover the area we are working on and everything else stays covered. If you want to leave on your pants, socks, underwear, bra, or all of your clothes that's fine. I know it doesn't help you make a decision when I tell you to take off whatever you feel comfortable taking off but really that part isn't up to me. The easiest way to figure out what works best for how you want your massage to go is to talk to your massage therapist! Tell them what you do or do not like and the two of you can figure out what best fits in your comfort zone to have the type of massage you want.

Which brings up my next point perfectly. How do you figure out what you want your massage therapist to do? There are a lot of different massage techniques out there (it's been around for a long time!) and as a client you might not really know how to describe techniques you've had done before that you really liked, or really didn't like, or how to ask for something relaxing but still works out a tough knot in your shoulder. Again the best way is going to be to talk it through with your massage therapist! Describe what sort of things make your pain feel better (it relaxes for a while when I take a hot shower) and what sort of things make you uncomfortable (I don't like my feet being covered, they get too hot) and the therapist can adjust how they do things to better suit you.

I want to keep this as short and sweet as possible. I can, and plan to, write in more detail about these points for you and help everyone understand massage therapy a bit better. If you have questions, comments, or a subject you want to know more about please reach out and let me know and I will do my best to fill you in. Thank you for reading, I hope you feel good in your body today!

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