Monday Morning Motivation

Wow! I’m feeling pretty kick ass about this Monday. My little man woke up early this morning so I invited him to sit for meditation in the kitchen with me. (The kitchen floor is my morning zen space 🧘‍♀️) He grabbed his own pillow and sat with me.

It was a wiggly little sit, full of questions, and lots of guidance to help keep his focus on the present moment. It was AMAZING!!! For about 5 minutes. Look, Mommy’s expectations are nice and low right now. It starts by establishing a pattern, then we can build on that. My plan for the day is to head in to the office for a nice quiet meditation for myself and then some video recording! This week is my businesses birthday and I love to make a big deal out of birthdays!!! So I’m gonna build up a bunch of hype this week and throw a digital party! More updates after I get some time to focus... Have a Great Morning Battles!!!

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