What’s the point of a morning routine?

You’ve probably heard before that we need to “get back into our routine,” and everything will: get easier, we’ll feel better, and we’ll all of a sudden be smarter, faster, and leap tall buildings in a single...nevermind, I got carried away. Why should we do all this: because a great morning builds the foundation for a successful, productive day. I am not a morning person so I commiserate with those of you grumbling at your screen unmotivated; dragging yourself through the same steps each morning is not exactly the same thing as a healthy morning routine, but it’s not hard to make some small changes that turn it into one!

Dovile Sinke of 21dayhero.com wrote a great post about successful morning practices of successful people, what are included in those practices, and steps to implement the morning routine that helps you start your best days. Chapter 3 is my favorite part, she talks you through examples of what to include in your morning routine and how to start putting it into action! There are also many different 21 day challenges to keep you accountable while you are building those new habits. Here’s a summary:

So what pieces of this can you put into your morning to better suit your daily self care needs? I know one big part often missing from my daily routines are my meditation practice and improving my exercise habits. I encourage you to examine your morning routine, work through the activities, and see what a difference you can make in your days with a better morning routine.


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